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The rules to exhibiting lots for sale

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1. General Provisions. Organizer and owners subjects (sellers).

1.1. The purpose of the auction or the sale of lots at a fixed price online store, is the realization of the auction organizer LLC Rilmark  ( the Auction house Rilmark) to any interested parties (buyers), art and culture-obgects provided by the owners.

1.2. The Organizer is acts as an agent of the Seller, guided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

1.3. Any person being the owner of an art object or a person acting under a power of attorney or a company may be sellers. To do this they must enter into a contract with LLC "Rilmark"

2. Options for cooperation LLC Rilmark and Seller.

2.1. The Treaty Commission is signed between the seller and auction house once. On each auction lot is a separate sheet, which records all the features of the implementation of this listing: date, price, amount of commission to the auction house. Auction list it is an annex to the main contract and its integral part.

2.2. Agreement may be exclusive or non-exclusive:

2.2.1. Exclusive : Seller agrees to sell goods only through LLC Rilmark (via the portal, further site) within the period stipulated in the agreement.

If the seller made ​​the transaction without the participation of the auction house, he still must pay the auction house commission (20% of starting price).

Lot is sold at auction and through online store. Therefore, it has a starting price for auction and fixed price for the store. Fixed price is always higher than the starting.

In the case of a sale lot, LLC Rilmark "pays its owner the full value of the subject, except for the fee of 20% of the starting price. If the subject was sold at auction for a price that exceeds the starting price, including for the fixed price, auction house takes 50% of the difference between the starting and the price at which the lot was sold. All payments are made to the owner only after the buyer redeem Lot.

2.2.2. Not exclusive: In the case of a transaction involving the Auction House, commission fee is 30% of the value which fixed in the auction sheet.

If the seller made ​​the transaction without the participation of the auction house, he is should to inform by phone or e-mail Auction House about this.

Lot is sold only through the online store Web site.

2.3. In catalog online store site higher are those that are sold on an exclusive basis.

2.4. In both cases, the Auction house as a seller's agent arranges the purchase and sale, negotiations with the Purchaser, organizes the process of delivery.

2.5. In order to activate the ability to add slideshows, videos and MP3 files, as well as get access to control of a Lot, the customer will need to purchase a season ticket.  Seller shall purchase from season ticket, then he is given access to the service of Site and the right to sell an unlimited number of art objects. The cost of season ticket varies depending on the pricing policy of the company. He also has the ability to post ad on Lot's page. This ads may contain text about the sale of the lot, about of additional services .  It also specifies the phone and e-mail Seller. Prospective buyer can to contact the seller on the above contacts. The Lots, which have by subscription and on a treaty commission simultaneously distributed in a directory site above the rest, they get additional opportunities to advance and have the most complete information, which no doubt increases their chances of selling compared to others.

3. The rules of admission of lots.

3.1. The Auction house are takes objects of cultural value and of relevant topics auction: a work of fine art, including copy, photographs, sculptures, original music and more.

3.2. If the seller wants to add the lot in the catalog Rilmark, He should: to deliver the it to the office of the auction, to send an e-mail an image of an object or to fill out the form "Add a lot" on the site

3.3. Rilmark reserves the right to refuse admission a object  without explanation.

3.4. Each lot (subject or group of items), which accepted for sale through the site, has an appropriate number. Photos, articles, audio and / or video materials related to the lot are published within a period of time specified for an contract.


4. Items, which forbidden to sale at auction and on-line store:

4.1. Any items which prohibited for sale or withdrawn from the civil law under the laws of the Russian Federation.

4.2. Items, which sell to the Seller no right.

4.3. Items that were stolen.

4.4. Items and materials, sale of which infringes the copyrights and / or related third party rights, trademark rights or patents.

4.5. Rilmark also has the right to refuse to take item at the auction for the following reasons:

- poor preservation

- lack of antique and / or artistic value

- unreasonably high price

- doubts about the authenticity

5. Registration scheme to the site's directory.

5.1. Any registered user can register the lot in the site's catalog . If the user decides to sell items, it is necessary to fix the cooperation with "Rilmark" by any form of agreement described in paragraph 2 of this regulation.

5.2. Seller independently carries out the photo and / or video recording, and / or of sound recordings, he is made a description of the lot and fills out the form "Add the lot" on the site.

5.3. Requirements by filling out the form "Add a Lot":

Mandatory fill field " Title . " The name can be in any language.

Be sure to fill the field " Author . " Name, after this surname of the author of the work.

The user selects a section of the catalog, for example: pictures, music, and accessories. If your lot does not match any of the sections, please contact the site administrator, perhaps he will make a new section for you.

Mandatory fill field "Technical details": the year of creation, size of the product (width, height and depth), material. For pictures necessarily to indicate the presence of the author's signature on the product, the presence of sub-frame and frame. Other technical details.

Filling in this field "Compositional description" desirable. Here you can specify: the story, visual tricks, goals of the author, emotions or other.

Next, add a photo of the object (for musical works is no optional.) Picture: it must be a picture without a frame, no background. Photo must be closest by the color to the original.

Object's icon  - it is part of the photo of the object (detail) of size 300 (width) * 150 px.

Category. You must select at least one of categories (maximum 5). After registration of the first Lot, site administrator will give you a new category with the author's name and other appropriate categories (types of lots, styles, genres).

Seller agrees to review these rules, after he put a checkmark in the "I agree with the rules of the sale of lots at auction Rilmark", the system will allow him to send the completed form. 

WARNING! Registering a Lot without having to purchase: a user subscription does not have the ability to edit information. That’s why it is necessary to provide the best possible description. Change of information will occur through the site administrator (you need to contact him by email. mail and describe the essence of the correction.)

5.4. A duly completed form of "add the lot" goes to check the site administrator.

After checking the lot will added to the directory. The owner can send the administrator e-mail information about the artist: a biography, photos, articles, news about his work. This information will be added to the site to the section "authors". This service is completely free.

5.5. Customers who pay a subscription have access to Control menu Lot. In this case, you can create slideshows, add video and audio recordings, create advertisements. 

5.6. Requirements by the photos for a slideshow.

Additional photos for a slide show should have the same size: 1024 * 768 px. This may be fragments of the object, another angle, the photo subject in the interior. For paintings: encouraged to publish photos of paintings in a frame, if any, as well as photos of the back side of the picture so that the autographs were visible.

6. How send a lot for sale

6.1. Commission agreement. In order to expose a lot for sale the seller must contact the employee Rilmarka for signing the contract. The seller may send to Employee his passport details. Or independently to introduce them to the menu control lot. If the owner has the opportunity to visit the office of the company (in Krasnoyarsk, Russia), all the necessary documents will prepared by staff Rilmarka. Otherwise, the seller can print a commission agreement with all applications (auction sheets) by himself directly from the website (through the Lot Control menu). Then, the seller must sign a contract and send it by mail to the office Rilmark. The Directorate, in turn, sends a copy of the contract with all required signatures and seals to the Seller. After receiving copies of the contract, the exposure the Lot for sale is considered complete.

6.2.  A season ticket. Sellers who want to sell art facility after buying the season ticket have no obligation to send the contract by mail. Because buying a ticket, they agree with the terms of the public offer.


7. Storage of items for sale.

7.1 Items that are for sale, kept by the owner.

7.2 The owner promises not to change the appearance of the subject  during the pre-sale storage.

7.3. In exceptional cases, the storage object can be carried out by the Organizer, namely:

7.3.1. During the examination of the Lot.

7.3.2. In the case of exhibitions with the participation of Lot.

7.3.3. In the exceptional case if it is agreed in advance the object may remain in long-term storage in the office of the auction house.


8. Another.

8.1. The site is owned by Rilmark. Full or partial copying, modification, compilation, translation, digital conversion and other activities with these materials without the consent of Rilmarka and without links to the Site is prohibited.

8.2. Rilmark reserves the exclusive right to edit, remove or install on the Site any information, as well as the removal or installation of any goods for sale, as well as the possibility to modify this Agreement may terminate or modify any or all parts of the site for its sole discretion and without prior notice.

8.3. The invalidity of any provision of this Regulation does not entail the invalidity of the remaining provisions.