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Rules for purchase through the online store

Rules of the online auction

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1. Organizer and Participants of the auction (Buyers).

1.1. The purpose of the organization of Internet shopping site (the Site) implementation LLC Rilmark sale of things art and culture to the any interested persons (hereinafter referred to Buyers) .

1.2. Organizer is guided by the laws of the Russian Federation - Russian Civil Code, the Rules of commission trade consumer goods, rules of distance selling.

1.3. Buyer warrants that all conditions of this rule he understood, and he accepts them unconditionally and in full. In case of questions and claims of the Purchaser, he must apply to the Department on work with clients by telephone +7 (391) 251 00 70 or by e-mail: The invalidity of any provision of this Regulation does not entail the invalidity of the remaining provisions.

1.4. Organizer acts as an agent of the Seller.

1.5. Any adult and fully capable people and companies can be Customers. They must be registered on a site and fill a request on acquisition of object. Filling her party confirms its irrevocable commitment to pay for items, which he purchased.

1.6. "The auction house Rilmark" reserve the right if necessary, require from the party following documents:

1.6.1. Do individuals photocopy or scan the passport, a bank letter confirming the availability of funds in the account, written or verbal guarantee from the already a bona fide client Auction House Rilmark;

1.6.2. In case of companies: a bank letter confirming the availability of funds in the account, a written or verbal guarantee from the already a bona fide client of the Auction house, a notarized power of attorney from a legal entity, a document confirming the authority of the legal entity.

1.7. This product is not subject to certification, the service life of the goods is not limited.

1.8. Color paintings may vary slightly from the colors of paints on photographs of paintings, presented on the site, due to incorrect color monitors used by the buyer when browsing the site.


Bidding procedure


2. Information about the auction, acquaintance with her.

2.1. All information about offer for a sale objects is located in the catalogue of site hosted on the Internet and available at: Description in the form accompanying an article directory is an expression of the views of employees' Auction House Rilmark or proprietors of objects and is for informational purposes. Availability of information on defects does not mean that the thing offered for sale is free from defects not mentioned in the description. Further assessment can be made by the buyer or his representative, competent in this field at the expense of the buyer.

2.2. Items presented for sale in the state in which they were received, that is "as is". A some subjects, personally examined by specialists of LLC "Rilmark" have a special passport that identifies the object as a  piece of art and culture. This passport contains all the necessary information about the subject.


3. Remote participation in the auction

3.1. In case of impossibility of personal participation of the user at the auction, he has the right to apply for absentee participation by fax (or email) to the organizer. The application should indicate the lot number, name, and the maximum price for it. thus party confirms its obligation to pay object in a timely manner if his bid to win. when the organizer accepts applications for absentee participation, he agrees to watch the progress of bidding and for the buyer to purchase the object at the lowest possible price (considering the price of the application). This service is free.

3.2. If on the same object received several orders with the same maximum amount, earlier application wins.


4. Procedure for bidding

4.1. Organizer auction reserves the right to withdraw any Lot from the auction without further explanation.

4.2. Organizer reserves the right to refuse any person to participate in the bidding without giving reasons.

4.3. User at any moment can open the bidding on any of the lots, admitted to the auction. Opening the auction, he reiterated his desire to buy the lot at a starting price.

4.4. Any registered user may at any time to participate in open auction, raise the price of one step and filling in the form of a buyer. It means its unconditional and irrevocable consent to buy this lot at this price.

4.5. The time remaining until the finish auction is published on the page a lot. The winner is participant who offered the highest price at the close of trading, or price, which equal to blitz price (maximum value).

4.6. If the highest price is the price that wrote the party in the application for absentee participation, defeats the party who left a request.

4.7. If currently price auction to the less than the price of the item from an online store, you can purchase the object through an online store.

4.8.If a participant wants to purchase an item through an online store, he shall apply on the website or by telephone. The sale contract will be made in the office Rilmark (Krasnoyarsk), here the object is passed into the hands of the buyer. For the convenience of customers located in another city, buying and selling will be made by mail and delivery service.


The procedure of payments and export of goods purchased


5. Payment arrangements

5.1. Prices of goods specified in the rubles of the Russian Federation. Payment for items purchased in rubles after the auction, or for the next 7 days.

5.2. Right of ownership of the Lot passes to the buyer at the time of final payment. Until final payment for the subject, he remains at the disposal of the organizers of the auction or the present owner.

5.3. For customers' convenience, the following forms of payment: cash, bank transfer, of the Savings Bank of Russia, bank transfer to the system Yandex-money, cash on delivery of Russian Post.

5.4. If Customer wants to pay off for a purchase a cash on delivery, he must report about it in the flow of three days from the moment of order. Buyer understands and warrants that the information submitted to them on delivery address true, correct and complete. When a customer pays commodity he confirms that he got the commodity good quality. If he to decide to return a commodity to the salesman, he must pay delivery nevertheless.


6. Course of action of the "Auction House Rilmark" in case of non-or delayed payment for the purchased items.

6.1. If after 30 calendar days from the date of the auction, the buyer fails to pay the entire cost or part of the, Organizer has the right to include in the account a penalty equal to 0.07% for each day of delay.

6.2. Auction House Rilmark may forbid  to participate in online auctions or online store to the customer that once did not pay for a purchase.


7. The order and timing of export (shipping) purchased item.

7.1. If the buyer is in the same city as the object, he is obliged to pick up its within 7 calendar days after the final payment. Delivery of goods to other towns, or their subsequent storage by the organizer or owner (after the expiry of 7 days) is carried out by arrangement.

7.2. Preparing goods for delivery takes place only after receiving information about the place of delivery from the buyer and the confirmation of payment. Buyer understands and warrants that the submitted information to them about the delivery address true, correct and complete.

7.3. Delivery paid by the buyer.

7.4. The cost and delivery times are determined by the tariff policy and the terms of the courier company or the Russian Post. Delivery cost is calculated manager Auction House individually by telephone, skype or e-mail.

7.5. A customer can choose:

7.5.1. Delivery of the Russian Post. The most economical, but also a long way to delivery (delivery on Russian territory takes from a week to 1 month).

7.5.2. Express delivery across Russia. More expensive, but fast way of delivery, compared with the Russian Post. Courier delivery takes from 2 to 7 days.

7.5.3. Delivery from abroad (abroad) is more expensive and may take up to two months. Customs duties are not included in the price of the goods and delivery, separately paid by the buyer at the place of receipt. Goods delivered from Belarus and Kazakhstan in Russia are not taxed and do not require a declaration.


8. Guarantees and commitments Auction House "Rilmark"

8.1. Auction house Rilmark guarantees the preservation of confidentiality of information about the names and whereabouts of the customers, as well as their acquired items and their value.

8.2. Participant's declaration that the purchased item can be forged, may be charged to the organizer within two years from the date of the auction in writing. Party that presented such a claim, must give the conclusion of at least two independent experts in the field or museums or research institutions.

8.3.If be conclusively proven that object is a forgery, then the object must be delivered to the organizers in the same condition as when it was sold on the day of the auction, without any changes and interventions. Money will be transferred to the Participant only after they will received from the previous owner, who brought the subject up for auction. Warranty applies only to direct participants in the auction, which have the appropriate documents.